So on Friday I was in Heathrow Airport in England.

You know in airports where they have all the stores and such?

I was there and this one was like four malls squished together with no air conditioning, gross.

But, the stores were AMAZING.

They had Chanel, YSL, MAC, Bobbi Brown, everything you could think of then more.

They had Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Gucci, it was nuts. I wish I had 3 million dollars to spend in there, alas I only had 11 pounds (English Currency).

So, I went to MAC, of course!

I decided I wanted a nude lipstick and this beauty was the result:

MAC’s Myth.

Myth is a satin finish, nude lipstick, with pinky-peach under/overtones.


This picture does it NO justice it’s not quite so orange-y

My camera is broken, but I will try to get a better picture and swatch up ASAP.

BUT, on my face the nude looks a little strange so, using, a lip brush

I put a few dots of  Sally Hansen’s Natural Beauty in Pink Blossom on top.

Again, my camera is broken and I can’t find any pictures of this shade but I will update as soon as I can!

Lastly I used this weird little Covergirl ‘chapstick’ that makes your lipstick look ‘glossy’.

It comes with the “Outlast All Day Lipcolor” set.

I got this as a gift and the lipgloss that came with it is REALLY bright.

I swatched it on my hand about 3 days ago and you can still see it, so this stuff works.

Anyways, back to Myth.

No wonder this is one of MAC’s best selling lipstick, it’s beautiful!

My leftover English money well spent!

2 responses to “MAC’S MYTH

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