Hey guys

Today I’m doing another tutorial using my CS 88 palette,

These colors are substituting the new MAC Venomous Villains

Cruella de Vil eyeshadows in Sweet Joy, De-Vil, and Carbon.

Here are the colors I’m using, again labeled with numbers:

It looks like a lot but 2,3, and 4 are going to be mixed together.

Firstly using a shader brush put color “1” (Row 5, Column 1), which I named Vanilla and apply on the inner corner, about half of your eye.

Next mix colors 2, 3, and 4 (2: Row 8, Column 9; 3: Row 5, Column 9; 4: Row 4, Column 9), which I named Bricked, Electric Orange, and Kitten. Apply the mix onto the rest of your eye.

Now take color “5” (Row 7, Column 10), which I named Gravitational and dust it over the outer corner/crease of your eye.

Then, take color “6” (Row 8, Column 11), which I named Black Hole, and dust it over the brown VERY lightly. This is to intensify. If you don’t want it this smoky, don’t do this step.

Now take the same color and apply it to the outer “v”


Lastly apply color “7” (Row 1, Column 1) which I named Forgery, and put it on your brownbone.

Apply black eyeliner and black mascara, I used Covergirl’s lashblast volume mascara.

I used a bronzer and MAC’s Myth lipstick to complete the look.

I hope you liked it!

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