Hey Guys!

This is my failed attempt at a Maleficent tutorial.

It’s really hard to do this because the colors are soooo unique

I used the CS 88 Palette AGAIN!


Alright so the first thing I did was prime my eyes, using my ELF eyelid primer.

I also applied it under my eyes as I obviously applied it there as well.

I’m just going to describe the colors this time because I know a lot of people don’t have the 88 palette.

Next I took a pale blue color and applied it to my inner corner.

Then I used a teal color and applied it all over my lid.

Next I mixed a dark green from the 88 palette and a black.

Now, instead of doing this you can just use a dark green.

You could use MAC’s Deep Blue Green if you want a MAC dupe.

You put this in your crease ad outer corner of your eye.

Next take a bright, foresty green and apply it to your lower lashline.

Lastly apply black eyeliner to lashline, winging it out slightly and to your waterline and black mascara.

For lips I used another Covergirl Wetslicks AmazeMints in Plum Crazy.

I hope you guys like this fail at a tutorial!

PS Please excuse my brows, I should have plucked them before this tutorial!

Haha, waxing here I come!

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