NOTE: I have been sick this week and I’m sure it shows, also I don’t know what’s wrong with my camera, but this makeup is much darker than it shows up.

It is 12 noon right now and it looks like duck outside, I had to take artificial light pictures, sorry!

Hey Guys!

So looking back on my ‘fail of Maleficent’ tutorial, I actually kind of like it.

Maybe not as a Maleficent tutorial, but something else!

So here’s another.

Like I said it is actually MUCH darker in person.

I will try and invest in a better camera, but it may just be today’s lighting.

Alright, so obviously firstly prime your eyes, i’m using e.l.f’s eye primer.

Next take a teal eyeshadow, I’m using Cover Girl’s Turquoise Tempest, and apply it to the inner third/corner of your eyes.

This doesn’t show up in the pictures unfortunately, but it is there!

Next take e.l.f’s Mineral Eyeshadow in Royal and apply it to the rest of your eye.

This REALLY doesn’t show up. Royal is a very deep really shimmery purple which I LOVE!

Next I took the black shadow from my 88 palette and applied to my outer V.

Lastly use the medium purple from e.l.f’s Brightening Eyeshadow Quad in Silver Lining on the lower lashline.

This last part is not in the picture, but my camera died after I did it.

Next I lined my upper lashline with a teal liquid liner by No7.

You could also use a silver liner like MAC’s Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Nocturnal.

Line your waterline with black and your eyes are done!

Here you can see the redness in my eyes, sorry guys!

I used Sally Hansen’s Natural Beauty Lipstick in Pink Blossom and Cover Girl’s Wetslicks AmazeMint in Plum Crazy.

I did have a picture of the whole look, but I won’t show you because I really do look sick, but I had to put up a tutorial!

Haha, hope you guys enjoyed!

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