Hey Guys!

About a month ago my friend got her Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday gift, she didn’t want it, who knows why?!?!, so she gave it to moi!

In this darling little box you get:

A little eyeshadow single in Aspen Summit (No. 23)

A mini Nano Eyeliner in Silver Green (No. 11)

And a mini Lash Plumper in Black

Okay so this is Aspen Summit without primer, and then with it. Then Silver Green thin and thick.

Aspen Summit is a gorgeous shimmery-pearlescent white. I use it for my highlight almost every day.

Silver Green is very pretty, but irritates my waterline. In fact, it doesn’t even show up on my waterline, then irritates it.

However, I use it on my upper lashline and it’s fine.

I don’t really use it much as the color payoff isn’t great unless I make a really thick, layered line. Plus, this eyeliner is not very smudge proof. I swatched it and an hour later I ran my finger over it rather lightly and it smudged all over my hand!

Now, the lash plumper.

Sephora says: “Fatten your flutter with this lash plumping formula. The larger brush, with slightly tapered edges, reaches from root to tip, for truly bat-worthy volume and glamour.”

Now, assuming they mean bat as in bat-your-lashes and not the animal this mascara really does what they imply

I absolutely LOVE this mascara!

Once the little baby tube runs out, I’m buying a big one!

Unless my beauty insider gift comes first of course!

Do the same things come every time? That would be a bummer if I got silver green again.

Anyways, I usually prefer the plastic-ey brushes, like on CoverGirl’s LashBLast, but something about this makes me love it!

It makes my lashes look long and full, plus it dries quickly and stays put.

Also, when removing my makeup it isn’t difficult to get off.

I love waterproof mascaras, which this is not, but they are really annoying to get off, but this has great staying power, and it comes off easily.

I haven’t tested this out in water so I can’t really say anything about that, but this is a really great mascara!



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