Look at me guys!

Two posts in one night!

(Although I won’t be posting this until the morning!)

So this is my daily skincare routine.

I really don’t use that many products on my skin.

Honestly, I’m lazy in the morning when it comes to washing my face, which is a horrible thing to be lazy about, and sometimes at night after a long day.

So in the evening I use these three products:

Clean and Clear Finishes Pore Perfecting Cleanser

If you guys can see, the color of this is really pretty!

The bottle tints it purple, but it’s actually a pearly opalescent color.

So I just wet my face, apply this, and rub it in well.

Then I splash it off with cold water, pat my face semi-dry, then on to the next product:

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub

On the back of this bottle it says this scrub can be used daily, which I do.

It’s very creamy, not a gel, with little exfoliating beads, but not so many that it’s harsh on your skin.

I just ‘scrub’ my face with this, especially around the oily areas, and rinse it off again with cold water.

I don’t have sensitive skin at all, so I use this every single evening, but if you do have sensitive skin you might want to do it every other day or twice a week.

Vaseline Total Moisture Conditioning

This bottle is huge! It’s gonna last me forever!

Haha, after my scrub, I take a dime sized amount of lotion, rub it between my hands and apply all over my face.

In the morning, I use the Pore Perfecting Cleanser first again, but I switch out the scrub for a toner.

I think using the scrub morning and night would be a bit too much.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

I’m not completely sure if you can buy this in the US, but any toner works.

I have a smaller, square bottle of this, but it is the same stuff.

I put this on a cotton ball and apply it all over my face.

Then, because I make my own face primer, I just apply that because it has my moisturizer in it.

I’ll put up a post very soon showing you how I make my primer!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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