Hey Guys!

So now it’s getting into the colder months where I live I figured I’d talk about lip balms!

I WISH it would get colder here sooner than November! But that how it goes.

I do love summer, but it gets so hot and I love fall fashion!

Anyways, back to lip balms…

I have 4 to talk about, and I know what you’re thinking.

Don’t you only need 1 lip balm???

My lips, like my hair, tend to get used to products, then become ‘immune’ to them, so I use a few at a time!

Firstly, is the obvious, Burt’s Bee’s Beeswax Lip Balm!

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

This is what I’ve used pretty much all my life.

It’s very moisturizing and minty!

On me, the moisture doesn’t last as long as the others, so it can get kind of annoying to keep reapplying.

Next are the Yes to Carrots Lip Butters

Carrot, Berry, Mint, Citrus, Melon

Out of the five I have Berry and Mint



These lip butters are awesome!

I got the mint because it’s classic, but I love anything that smells like berry!

So, lip butters are similar to lip balms, but they are ‘oilier’ for lack of a better word.

I like to use these when I forget to put on lip balm and my lips start getting chapped.

The moisture lasts a long time, and they are really convenient!

Next are the eos lip balms

Summer Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew, and Sweet Mint

They also have Lemon Drop spf 15 and Medicated Tangerine(?)

eos stands for evolution of smooth and boy are they right!

I have Summer Fruit

Summer Fruit

Like I said I LOVE BERRY!

Hahaha, so I had to choose Summer Fruit.

The packaging is adorable! My mom got a few for stocking stuffers!

This is my favorite by far! It is super easy to apply, and the moisture stays for a long time.

If you apply lip balm as religiously as I do you will get results!

I especially pay attention to applying it in the winter, but I do in the summer as well.

I hope you guys found this helpful!

3 responses to “LIP BALM RAVE!

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  2. As much as I love my sheer pinks and nudes for summer I still get excited about wearing bright reds and berry colors during the warmer months too.

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