Hey Guys!

So I decided to start doing questionnaires each week because I love reading Amarixe’s (Allison’s) so much!

If you have any questions for next week either comment or send an email to stellarbeauty07@gmail.com

So here we go!

I really want to try essie’s Cute as a Button!

1.) Mood:

Sick, unfortunately. I came home early from school today feeling awful. This just gives be something else to focus on!

2.) What was the highlight of your weekend?

I went shopping with my mom, then my family went to look at cars because we’re trying to get a new one!

3.) What did you dream last night?

I honestly cannot remember, but it was probably really strange. My dreams are always very complex and feel real.

4.) Current nail polish:

Revlon’s Plum Seduction. It’s so pretty but I chipped it badly, I should probably re-paint them!

5.) Outfit:

PJ’S!!!! I’m sick like I said so I’m wearing grey and pink flowery pajama pants with a pink tank top. Plus socks with the English flag on them. I almost matched!

7.) Do you have any phobias?

I’m afraid of sharks so I rarely go in the water at the beach. Then again, we haven’t been to the beach in about 5 years. My family goes to the mountains frequently though! We really love it up there, it’s gorgeous! Plus horseback riding, hiking, and white water rafting is always fun!

8.) What is your favorite fruit?

Bananas (I used Gwen Stefani’s song to spell that, haha) or maybe apples, I like the Pink Lady and Granny Smith ones. But I definitely love bananas!

9.) What did you eat for breakfast today?

A teeny tiny bowl of cereal, I didn’t feel well this morning either but I had to go to part of school because exams are next week. But anyway I ate that because breakfast is an important meal!

10.) Weekly goals:

a) Get better

b) Get my sister a birthday present she will love!

c) Study, study, study!


Post your answers below or ask me new questions!

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