Hey Guys!

So I decided to try doing these new posts on fashion inspirations and outfits and such.

So here’s my first, a combination of MAC and Forever 21!

Lace Front Tank Top: $17.80 This lacy tank is definitely a spring and summer staple, if you’re not one for dresses, but always loved the lace look, then this is excellent for you! With a pair of ripped shorts and biker boots its also great for the less girly girly. A perfect feminine touch to any look!

Rose Lace Top with Belt: $17.80 Another great lace piece, this is great for the same reasons. But, it’s also really pretty for those of us who don’t like to bare quite as much skin. With any colored tank underneath (although a light pink would be adorable) this is awesome for those hot days outside.

Spring Fling Stilettos: I can’t find these on the site unfortunately, but another great substitute are the Floral Espadrille Wedges for $22.80, any floral shoe will add a cute pop of color to your outfit!

Geo Pattern Bangle: $6.80 This super cute chunky bangle can complete a seemingly boring look alone or stacked with other bracelets. I love F21 jewelry because it’s really affordable and good quality!

Bohemian Chandelier Earrings: $2.80! I’m literally going to Forever 21 just to buy these, seriously, at that price who can resist?

Rose Bead Bracelet: $1.50 Okay that’s just ridiculous…. At my F21 by the registers, there are racks of jewelry for $1.50, rings and necklaces, earrings and bracelets, it’s kind of crazy….

Love At First Sight Palette: $6.80 You’d be really surprised at the great quality of the F21 makeup, in my experience at least everything is really pretty good for the price!

I’m not sure of the names of the MAC products because this was made on Polyvore but some great neutrals and a nice pink blush will do you well!

xx Amelia

PS Do you guys like these posts? Give me your input!


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