Hey Guys!

So here’s what happened, I wrote this last night and apparently it never posted, so here it is:

Have you checked out Elle and Blair’s new site? I LOVE it!

1.) Mood:

Happy, about to paint my nails

2.) Do you take vitamins every day?

No, but I probably should…

3.) Do you prefer sweet (chocolate/sugar) or salty (chips, etc.) type snacks?

Sweet……… and salty, I can’t decide, haha

4.) Current nail polish:

China Glaze Dorothy Who? (soon to be at least!)

5.) What color are the walls of your bedroom?

Nothing yet, but hopefully soon to be lavender or a bit deeper purple!

6.) Do you like to cook at home or are you more of a take-out person?

I like to cook at home because I can eat much healthier!

7.) Current outfit?

PJ’s! It always seems I’m about to go to bed when writing these….

8.) What is your favorite television program?

Glee and Pretty Little Liars!

9.) Can you do a cartwheel?

Nope, that’s what you get when you have scoliosis and a trapped nerve in your shoulder.

10.) Weekly goals:

GET MY CLARISONIC! It’s driving me insane. Plus, keep updated on the Elle & Blair site, hello new addiction?

xx Amelia

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