Oh yeah! On time!

Comic Book mode!

1.) Mood:

Happy! It’s my Mum’s birthday so we’re going to dinner later!

2.) When was the last time you bought an actual CD (not downloaded off of iTunes, but a physical disc)?

My sister bought T. Swift’s a month ago…. does that count?

3.) What sounds do you hear right at this very moment?

“Who Says” by Selena Gomez on repeat!

4.) Current nail polish:

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald!

5.) Do you sleep with socks on?

If I happen to have them on… haha.

6.) I never go a day without ___________.


7.) Current outfit:

Purple AE cardi, Flowy cream top from who knows where, AE Jeans, Sahara Gladiator sandals.

8.) What is your all time favorite lip gloss?

MAC’s Cremesheen Glass in Deelight.

9.)Where do you keep your cell phone at night?

On my bedside table.

10.) Weekly goals:

Figure out why iMovie won’t let me import videos…..

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